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Potable Aqua Water Purification Germicidal Tablets

Potable Aqua Water Purification Germicidal Tablets

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50 tablets per package. The most trusted name in water purification products, Potable Aqua® is used by militaries and relief organizations around the world. It has no expiration date.

Potable Aqua® is an iodine based tablet used to treat water and make it bacteriologically suitable for drinking. Each Potable Aqua tablet contains a proprietary compound called TGHP that incorporates 8 milligrams of germicidal iodine into each tablet of Potable Aqua.Dissolving Potable Aqua® tablets in water releases iodine from the TGHP compound. Two forms of iodine are released when Potable Aqua tablets are added to water, free iodine (I2) and hypoiodous acid (HIO). Both I2 and HIO are effective germicidal compounds that work by penetrating the cell wall of a microorganism, thereby rendering it inactive. Potable Aqua tablets also contain a buffering agent that brings the pH of the water to a slightly acidic level to optimize the disinfecting properties of the iodine. This mixture provides adequate disinfection of most waters. In accordance with the product labeling, two (2) Potable Aqua® tablets are required to treat 1 quart (1 liter) of water. Although the exact time required for Potable Aqua® to inactivate target microorganisms may vary slightly depending upon conditions such as water temperature and level of contamination in the water, the product labeling calls for a 30-minute waiting period before drinking water treated with Potable Aqua® tablets. This 30-minute wait period ensures adequate time for Potable Aqua to inactivate target organisms and make water bacteriologically suitable for drinking.

Make sure to loosely cap your water container after addition of the Potable Aqua tablets in accordance with the product labeling. Wait five minutes then shake the container briskly so that a small amount of solution seeps out to rinse the screw threads. This will help to disinfect the container lid as well as the lip of the container to prevent any possible recontamination of the water being treated. Tighten the cap and wait 30 minutes before drinking. Do not injest.

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