About Us

The owners of Shield-Safety came from 35 years experience as the leaders in the industrial first aid and safety market as Zee Medical, America’s Workplace Safety Expert. After the passing of their father and mentor J. Milton Rich they decided to fulfill his life-long vision to change first aid and safety in the home.

The founders are experts in the field of first aid or “injury care” which is how they refer to what they do. Shield-Safety has developed a specialized approach to reducing the significant cost of accidental injury to businesses in the U.S. by reaching the problem at it’s source, in the minds and hearts of our families. The heart is in the home and it’s here that we begin to educate and train employees how to think differently about safety and injury care.

As of now the industry has been effective in training employees to think and work safely at work. However since this mindset is tied specifically to work, time spent at home is now by far the greatest source of injury.

Through the Injury Care Training program Shield-Safety has been able to change this mindset and get employees to start thinking about the cost of accidents at home, traveling or at play. This is having an incredible impact on the real costs that injuries cause business.