• Bypass The Gut to Deliver Nutrients Instantly to The Bloodstream

  • Tablets ("rounds") specifically designed to dissolve directly in the mouth

  • Up to 10X absorption of traditional
    supplement delivery

  • Pull Out a Round

    ( Zero Prep )

  • Pop it in The Cheek

    ( Zero Chug )

  • That’s It

    ( Zero Wait )

Collection: Solid Products

Empower Your Lifestyle with Solid: The Revolutionary Water-Free Electrolyte and Supplement. Elevate Your Performance at Work, Home, Play, and Travel - Experience the Future Today!

Powered By Nutrient Density Technology (NDT)

Patent Pending Nutrient Density Technology (NDT) is the world's most nutrient-dense supplement delivery

NDT harnesses the science of intra-oral absorption and delivers the highest concentration of active ingredients of any supplement on the market

This means NDT provides both the quickest and most effective nutrient delivery in the world

  • Rapid absorption takes place directly through the lining of the mouth

  • Avoids presystemic elimination in the GI tract

  • Avoids first-pass effect and hostile elimination of nutrients in the liver

  • Maximum bioavailability through buccal tissue and oral mucosa

First Ever Supplement Delivery of Its Kind

ZERO Prep! Pop a round anytime, anywhere

  • No Scooping
  • No Messes
  • No Shaking
  • No Pouring
  • No Bloating
  • No Mixing
  • No Waiting
  • No Cramping
  • No Disruptions
  • No Waste
  • No Bottle
  • Elapsed Time (minutes)

Solid Versus The Competition

Intra-oral Absorption Rounds
Basic Electrolyte Products
Basic Electrolyte Products
Basic Electrolyte Products
Basic Electrolyte Products
Basic Electrolyte Products
10X Electrolyte Absorption
Science-Backed Absorption Studies
Bypass filtration in the gut and liver
Instantly Enters The Bloodstream
Fully Hands-Free & Work Compatible
Zero Prep
No Excess Bathroom Breaks
Patented Technology
10X Electrolyte Absorption