Charities We Sponsor

Shield-Safety is a company built on core values, and part of those values is giving back to communities in need. We are proud to be sponsoring some great charities, and if you would like to help, you can click on the information below or reach out to us about getting involved.


Daisy Centre and School Charitie Sponsor by Shield-Safety of Utah

Daisy Centre and School - Bukura, Kenya

Daisy School was started, with the help of donors, by Carolyne Daisy in 2013. The initial 65 students were orphans or from families too poor to afford food, let alone school fees.

This K-8 school has grown to approximately 350 students who receive a free meal each day in addition to a quality education. Daisy School’s academic performance has drawn the attention of many, including other school officials and the Kenyan Ministry of Education.

In spite of their poverty, Carolyne’s students have scored the highest of 84 schools in the region for the last several years!

To learn more or to donate, you can visit their site using the link below: