Wyoming Industrial & Commercial First Aid Training

Several of the courses Shield-Safety provides can be used in commercial and industrial settings. Consider some of the following training possibilities to maintain the safety and readiness of your team members.

OSHA training and safety compliance for Wyoming

OSHA mandates that your staff members take training sessions both annually and on a monthly basis. We can ensure that your Wyoming business complies with all OSHA training and education requirements. We offer the execution of comprehensive OSHA courses, merely training, videos, etc. We may also analyze the safety of your facilities and your programs on-site. We are authorized to deliver OSHA training to facilities, industrial companies, and neighborhood businesses.

First Aid Training & Injury Treatment Training in the Workplace

Shield-Safety developed Injury Treatment Training, the most current first aid education program. We became aware of the lack of current first aid training after 40 years in the field. The other courses on the market teach outdated methods and do not give individuals confidence. They lack the necessary education on fractures, burns, sprains, and other injuries. The most recent first aid techniques are covered in this course. By reducing the number of emergency room and urgent care visits, this course will help Wyoming businesses save thousands of dollars. Some of The Commercial First Aid Training Courses Provided:
Hazard Communication Hand safety Fire Extinguishers
Housekeeping Fall Protection Welding Safety
Bloodborne Pathogens Slip and trips Ergonomics
Lockout/Tagout Machine safety guarding CPR Training
Eye Protection Hearing Conservation
Through the American Heart Association, we offer CPR instruction of the highest caliber. For either BLS or ALS requirements, the certification is valid for two years. Our clients will learn how to administer first aid and CPR to adults, kids, and infants. Our instructors ensure that all procedures are correctly applied and comprehended. In order to assure interest and application, we also make use of original movies and genuine life-saving events. Our goal is to make the lessons entertaining and engaging while also ensuring that everyone feels confident using the techniques taught. On-site instruction is available for all classes.

AED Training

We provide AED (Automated External Defibrillator) training with CPR or separate. We discuss the several models that are available, how to use the machine, and the benefits of each. A trainer model will be available for you to employ in a training situation.

Wyoming Community & Home First Aid Classes

When an accident occurs, having thorough first aid knowledge could help you treat yourself, a friend, family member, or a total stranger. Shield-Safety instructs you on how to deal with a variety of situations, including severe burns, bone fractures, bleeding, choking, seizures, and more.

CPR Training

Everyone benefits from CPR training, but it's especially beneficial for adults or teenagers who work with young children, such teachers or babysitters. We make sure everyone who receives a CPR certification is completely capable of providing the lifesaving care required in a dangerous circumstance by employing video and practice scenarios. We also instruct you on how to deploy and use CPR equipment, such as mouth shields.

First Aid & Injury Treatment Training

With over 20 years of expertise, Shield-Safety offers training of the highest caliber. Our injury treatment training is regarded as the most current and best first aid instruction available in Wyoming. We provide training in the following areas:
  • Injury Treatment Training/First Aid Training
  • 2 year CPR/AED/Choking certification through American Heart Association and American Red Cross
  • OSHA required safety courses:
Hazard Communication Hearing Conservation Lockout/Tagout
Forklift certification Personal Protection Machine Safeguarding
Housekeeping Equipment Hand Safety
Ergonomics Eye Safety Fall Protection
Bloodborne Pathogens Fire Safety Confined Space

Why Choose Shield Safety?

Due to our extensive knowledge of the field, we are able to effectively convey the preventative and life-saving lessons that you, your family, and your community may utilize to lower the risk of injury and death in a variety of circumstances. You will have confidence in your capacity to increase the safety of individuals in your immediate vicinity at home, school, and work. The entire family will enjoy learning about first aid and CPR thanks to Shield-Safety's useful and successful classes. Children ages eight and older are welcome to attend the sessions we offer at schools, churches, and community centers. Call us right now to find out more about our class schedule and costs.