Community & Home First Aid Training In Idaho

At Shield-Safety, our modern, specially-designed home and community training courses give you the confidence to stay calm and act quickly and safely in any situation. Our goal is to reduce the number of serious injuries and deaths by teaching safe ways to prevent and respond.

CPR Training

CPR training is valuable for everyone, but it is especially beneficial for adults or teenagers who work with small children, such as teachers or babysitters. We use video and practice scenarios to ensure that everyone who receives a CPR certification is fully capable of providing lifesaving treatment in an emergency. We also teach you how to properly deploy and use CPR products such as a mouth shield.

Idaho First Aid & Injury Treatment Training

Shield-Safety has over 20 years of experience and provides the highest quality training. Our Injury Treatment Training is widely regarded as the best and most up-to-date first aid training available in Idaho. We provide training in the following areas:
  • Injury Treatment Training/First Aid Training
  • 2 year CPR/AED/Choking certification through American Heart Association and American Red Cross
  • OSHA required safety courses:
Eye Safety Fall Protection Ergonomics
Fire Safety Confined Space Bloodborne Pathogens
Lockout/Tagout Hazard Communication Hearing Conservation
Machine Safeguarding Forklift certification Personal Protection
Hand Safety Housekeeping Equipment

First Aid Training & Injury Treatment Training in the Workplace

Injury Treatment Training is the latest first aid course we developed. Our 40 years of experience in the field have made us acutely aware of the need for modern first aid education. Other available courses are outdated and don't provide individuals any real agency. They haven't had the right kind of instruction on how to deal with burns, sprains, fractures, etc. The most up-to-date first aid equipment is covered in this session. Companies and individuals will save a great deal of money because of the lessons learned in this program. Many medical professionals who took this course were astounded by the information they learned and eager to share it with others. We also cover how to deal with shock, severe bleeding, seizures, and choking in adults, kids, and newborns.

OSHA training and safety compliance

OSHA requires your employees to complete monthly and yearly training courses. We can assist you in ensuring that your Idaho company meets all OSHA training and education requirements. We can implement full OSHA courses or just training or videos. We also conduct on-site safety inspections of your facility and programs. We are OSHA-certified to provide training to industrial companies, facilities, and small businesses.

Industrial & Commercial First Aid Training

We offer a variety of courses that are applicable in industrial and commercial settings. Consider some of the training options listed below to keep your employees safe and prepared.
Hazard Communication Hand safety Fire Extinguishers
Housekeeping Fall Protection Welding Safety
Bloodborne Pathogens Slip and trips Ergonomics
Lockout/Tagout Machine safety guarding CPR Training
Eye Protection Hearing Conservation
The American Heart Association is the standard by which we measure the quality of our CPR instruction. The BLS or ALS certification is valid for two years. Our clients will acquire the knowledge necessary to administer CPR and other forms of first aid to adults, children, and infants. Our trainers make sure that every technique is clear and is done right. We also utilize unique videos and true lifesaving experiences to ensure interest and implementation. Our goal is to make sure that the classes are fun and interesting and that everyone feels comfortable using the techniques they learn. Call to find out about minimums and prices for groups. All classes can be done on-site.

AED Training

We offer AED (Automated External Defibrillator) training separately or in conjunction with CPR. We discuss the machine's operation, the available models, and the benefits of each. You will be able to utilize a trainer model in a training scenario.

Why Trust Shield Safety?

With over four decades of industry experience, we understand how to clearly communicate preventative and life-saving lessons that you, your family, and your Idaho community can use to reduce the risk of injury and death in a variety of situations. You will have confidence and trust in your ability to increase the safety of those around you at home, school, and work.