Colorado Industrial & Commercial First Aid Training

We provide numerous courses that are effective in industrial and business environments. Consider the following training choices to ensure the safety and preparedness of your employees.

First Aid Training & Injury Treatment Training in the Workplace

We constructed a course called Injury Treatment Training that is the most up-to-date method for learning how to give first aid. After 40 years in the business, we realized that first aid training was not up to date. The other courses on the market teach people old methods that don't help them. They don't have the right training to deal with burns, sprains and strains, broken bones, etc. This course will teach you how to use the latest tools for first aid. This course will help get rid of a lot of urgent care and emergency room visits, which will save businesses and families a considerable amount of money. Some of The Commercial First Aid Training Courses Provided:
Hazard Communication Slip and trips
Housekeeping Machine safety guarding
Bloodborne Pathogens Hearing Conservation
Lockout/Tagout Fire Extinguishers
Eye Protection Welding Safety
Hand safety Ergonomics
Fall Protection CPR Training
Through the American Heart Association, we give the finest CPR instruction available. There is a two-year certification requirement for BLS or ALS. Customers will learn how to administer CPR and first aid to adults, children, and infants. Our coaches ensure optimal technique. Unique movies and lifesaving experiences boost attention and implementation. Our goal is to make lessons engaging and informative while ensuring everyone feels comfortable using the techniques taught. Minimums and group rates available. On-site classes are available.

OSHA training and safety compliance

OSHA requires your employees to attend monthly and annual training sessions. We can make certain that your company meets all OSHA training and education requirements. We provide complete OSHA courses, training alone, videos, and other services. We also conduct on-site building and program safety audits. We are authorized to provide OSHA training to industrial companies, facilities, and small businesses in Colorado.

AED Training

We offer AED (Automated External Defibrillator) training separately or in conjunction with CPR. We discuss the machine's operation, the available models, and the benefits of each. You will be able to utilize a trainer model in a training scenario.

Community & Home First Aid Training in Colorado

At Shield-Safety, our state-of-the-art, custom-designed home and community training classes provide you with the self-assurance to remain cool and respond effectively in any situation. Our objective is to reduce major injuries and fatalities through the distribution of safe prevention and intervention techniques.

CPR Training

Training in CPR is beneficial for everyone, but especially for adults and teens who work with young children, such as teachers and babysitters. By using video and practice situations, we assure that every CPR-certified graduate is completely capable of administering life-saving treatment in a dangerous situation. We also instruct you on the proper deployment and usage of mouth shields and other CPR supplies.

Colorado First Aid & Injury Treatment Training

Shield-Safety has over 20 years of experience and provides the highest quality training. Our Injury Treatment Training is widely regarded as the best and most up-to-date first aid training available. We provide training in the following areas:
  • Injury Treatment Training/First Aid Training
  • 2 year CPR/AED/Choking certification through American Heart Association and American Red Cross
  • OSHA required safety courses:
Hazard Communication Eye Safety
Forklift certification Fire Safety
Housekeeping Lockout/Tagout
Ergonomics Machine Safeguarding
Bloodborne Pathogens Hand Safety
Hearing Conservation Fall Protection
Personal Protection Equipment Confined Space

Why Trust Shield Safety?

With over four decades of industry experience, we understand how to clearly communicate preventative and life-saving lessons that you, your family, and your Colorado community can use to reduce the risk of injury and death in a variety of situations. You will have confidence in your ability to increase the safety of those around you at home, school, and work. The engaging, instructive, and efficient classes offered by Shield-Safety make learning first aid and CPR an enjoyable experience for the entire family. We offer lessons in schools, churches, and community centers for children eight years and older. Call us today for more information about our class options and prices.