CPR & Safety Training in the Workplace

Safety Training Is a Valuable Investment in Your Workforce

Safety training is one of the best ways you can invest in your employees and your company because a safer environment means fewer accidents, less production downtime, increased productivity, and greater employee confidence and loyalty. It’s vital to prioritize safety training for the four central reasons listed below.

1. Increase Productivity with Workplace Safety Training

Safety training accomplishes a number of goals that all lead to a boost in employee performance, which translates to greater productivity for your company. Productivity leads to increased output, revenue, and success.

First, training imparts a message to your staff: You care. You want them to be equipped with the skills and information they need to prevent personal injury and succeed. When employees feel cared for, they’re more emotionally invested in business outcomes.

Second, employees may be following an outdated or dangerous work process that needs updating, and they may not know it. When you have a trained safety specialist manage the session, he or she can assess work processes and make changes that not only increase safety but also save time, improving employee efficiency.

2. Lower Your Turnover Rate

A low turnover rate is essential to a profitable company. The cost to replace a full-time employee vastly outprices the cost of safety training, and it’s instrumental in reducing turnover.

When employees are cared for and protected, they’re less likely to leave. Few are likely to risk moving to another company if they’re comfortable at your company.

In addition, safety training has the potential to lower your company’s insurance premiums. You can pass these savings on to your employees by offering additional benefits, further cementing their dedication to their jobs.

3. Prevent Costly Accidents and Injuries

It’s expensive to have a dangerous workplace, not to mention potentially life-threatening to your employees. Avoid medical expenses, litigation costs, compensation fees, fines, accident investigation and claims management costs, and insurance premium increases. Institute regular training sessions and significantly reduce the risk of accidents and injuries.

4. Stay in Compliance with OSHA and other Regulations

Many industries require specialized workplace training, and businesses with five or more employees are required to institute a formal policy. Regardless of whether your company’s trade warrants specific training, and no matter the size of your staff, businesses benefit from preventive training. If business owners are found liable for negligence, they could face serious legal consequences.

Shield-Safety is committed to providing safety training with a personal touch, connecting with each employee, and ensuring all understand and can apply each lesson to daily life in the workplace.

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