Safety in the Workplace for Different Personalities

Safety in the Workplace for Different Personalities

Workplace safety can mean something different to each employee. Requirements for some may be overkill for others. But the fact remains: you as the employer need to ensure your employees are safe while on the job. Varying opinions, ideas, and personalities can make for tricky conversations about what the company as a whole needs to be doing. Take into consideration that everyone has different experiences and perceptions and approach the subject in a way that speak your employee’s languages as much as possible.

The organized and analytical personality: These folks like order and structure. They are probably very dedicated, have a clean workspace, are maybe a bit too honest, and work hard. They like to get the job done, but often like the control of managing it themselves. Personalities like these need direct conversation without all the small talk. Go into their office and be frank and honest about what needs to be done. Give them their space and be respectful of their time.

The perfectionist with a bit of a temper: These personalities like to make sure everything is done right (their way). Multi-tasking is probably a good quality of theirs and they may be a little obsessive about something until it’s done to their specifications. They can be avid workers, paying attention to details of every project. For these personalities, being in control is important. Provide information accurately and without fluff to speak their language best.

The social motivator: Ah, the peacemaker and life of the party. These guys like to talk and usually are great collaborators and team members. They like to take on projects to ensure everyone gets along and gets things done. Their optimistic temperament can bring a friendly openness to the workplace. Employees with this personality want you to take time to have a conversation. Small talk is okay, and they like to get to a place of understanding with their fellow coworkers. They may overshare, but their goal is to work together for the good of the company. The creative thinker: These dedicated employees are visionaries, looking to do things in a new way for maximum effectiveness. They may be funny and try to make people laugh, but they’re wise and innovative. To talk with these guys, you need to be approachable and light. You’ll need to prove that you’ve thought options through to ensure you have the best solution to whatever problem or issue the company is facing.

Naturally, many of us have multiple traits within us. In the workplace, it’s important to take into consideration the needs and feelings of your staff, while also knowing your decisions are what everyone is going to need to work with. When talking about safety measures, it is important to be firm while also showing care for everyone’s different points of view. Bringing in a third-party company for important trainings can relieve a lot of pressure from owners and managers, and you can be sure trainings are accurate and current.

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