New Year, New Skills

New Year, New Skills

This time of year is filled with motivation for progress and improvement. Training in important life-saving measures is a great addition to you 2022 goal setting session for your business. If safety and injury training has been on your to-do list, don’t wait any longer to check it off. Shield-Safety is the best resource for safety courses to meet and exceed business standards.

Injury Treatment and First Aid Training

Sign up for our Injury Treatment training course for the most up to date training available in Utah. This class goes beyond the basics and includes valuable information on how to apply first aid care outside the workplace as well as inside. You can cut back on downtime at the workplace with the knowledge gained from this class, and your employees will be additionally protected with the useful skills learned for outside the office. You can customize a class to include workers’ families to optimize safety for your employees and show them you care about them even when they’re not on the clock.

We often hear employees groan about safety trainings, but with our programs, our expertise and no-fluff information is so valuable, employees quickly change their tune and are eager to attend the classes. Learn how to stop bleeding, minimize swelling from sprains, wrap injuries correctly, detect fractures without an X-ray and much more at our unique classes. Often, the skills gained in our trainings is so extensive, you can skip ER visits and save thousands of dollars.

CPR/AED/Choking Training

CPR and AED Training is indispensable for most businesses. These courses are taught through the American Red Cross and the American Heart Association and will teach your employees how to recognize breathing and cardiac emergencies as well as a variety of basic first aid care. You can gear the class toward adults only or add in care and emergency response for babies and children as well. Choking training will also be addressed with these trainings. AED certification is more specialized and should only be handled by a responsible, committed employee that will stay up on the trainings and know how to operate AED machines. Here at Shield-Safety, we take AED machines seriously and have options for your specific needs, so be sure to ask us questions on which machine is the best for your office.

OSHA Required Training

OSHA regulations are strict, so you need to ensure your business is compliant. We offer all the required training courses and encourage businesses to assess the safety of their workplace and possibly get a free consultation with OSHA to make sure you’re being thorough. It’s a business owners’ job to be aware of any risks or hazards at the workplace and to provide the necessary training for their employees.

Customized Training

Shield-Safety offers customized trainings to meet any need of any business. It’s important to tailor your safety trainings to your specific workplace, and it’s important to make sure what you’re teaching is accurate and current information. If your business needs a refresher on any safety topic, call us today to get started.
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