KN95 Respiratory Masks

KN95 Protective Face Masks

KN95 Face Masks in the Medical Field

The FDA has approved the KN95 respirator masks to be used by hospitals and medical staff in April of 2020. The K95 is the preferred mask for a hospital and the N95 is the most often used surgical mask, but supplies can be low, and using a KN95 mask is better than no face covering. All masks are designed to protect the face and nose with a tight seal and offer the best protection when working within 6 feet of others. With a proper seal, they can effectively filter inhaled air and stop possible virus-carrying droplets from entering your respiratory system.

Construction and Industrial KN95 Masks

The construction industry has many uses for the KN95 mask to protect against harmful particles in the air on a job site. Many employers are required to provide their workers with KN95 or N95 respirators to meet OSHA safety requirements for working conditions. They are rated to capture 95% of tiny particles down to 0.3 microns in size like pollen, bacteria, asphalt paving, fertilizer dust, cement dust, smoke, insecticides, fumes, and more. KN95 respiratory masks are designed to be disposable but can be used for hours at a time. Depending on the environment they may even be used multiple times, if they become difficult to breathe in then it is time to dispose of it and get a new one. With the high demand for masks and respiratory protection products, there has been a growing concern among industrial and construction workers. It is always a good idea to keep enough stock on hand for your employees to use.

KN95 Respirator Use for in Public Places and at Home

With the pandemic situation and a lot of states, cities and counties requiring masks there has been a big boost in mask sales to the general public. While most of us do not need to have a KN95 mask or similar there are those that are at a higher risk and need better protection. Using a KN95 respiratory mask while out in public if you have underlying conditions or are of elderly age can provide multiple layers of protection to your respiratory system. According to the WHO these masks should be effective against infection and virus transmission. 

There are plenty of home projects that a KN95 mask would be appropriate for like cleaning with chemical products, sanding, deck staining, painting, fertilizing, etc. When performing tasks around the home that could affect your breathing from debris or fumes it is recommended to use a respiratory mask for your protection. 

KN95 and N95 masks are made from multiple layers of materials designed to protect from water droplets, provide cool airflow, ensure particle filtration, and not irritate your skin. They have a flexible nose bridge to create a firmer sealed fit to the face. If you are in need of KN95 respiratory masks for medical, industrial, commercial, or general use Shield-Safety has them available for online purchase.

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