Injury Treatment Training in Utah

Injury Treatment Training

Want to learn how to minimize the downtime and eliminate worker’s compensation claims due to injuries? We have created the most up-to-date first aid training called the Injury Treatment Course.

Injury Treatment Class is Unique

This class is unlike any other first aid course. Other first aid classes are very basic and do not include the newest first aid technology or the most up-to-date techniques. Having 40 years’ experience in the industry, we have created a class that empowers your employees and their families on how to best handle all types of injuries.

This class includes how to stop bleeding by just using pressure with the newest first aid products, how to minimize swelling, pain, inflammation, and bruising due to sprains and strains. How to properly tape and wrap ankle sprains so the ligaments and tendons heal properly. How to detect fractures minus x-rays that will save you thousands. How to remove splinters and particles from the skin and eyes, etc.

We focus on injuries at work and at home because both have an impact on your business and bottom-line. We will help save thousands by eliminating worker’s compensation claims, downtime, lost productivity, administrative expenses, etc all due to injuries at work and at home. Here is a testimonial from a customer who implemented the class for all their employees and their families which saved an E.R. visit.

A Testimonial from a Customer

“We recently hosted a safety training called: First Aid for the Home: bringing safety into your home, put on by Shield Safety. You should know that we hosted this training on two different days, and we allowed our employees to bring their families to this training if they wanted. As most voluntary trainings go the attendance sign up sheet was pretty light on the first day, and our employees were pretty skeptical about the class. However, halfway through the first-day sessions, our class sizes started to grow, and employees were calling their family members at home to get them to come to a later session. By the second training session, the classes were full, and we had almost 100% of all employees attend one of these voluntary classes.

"For us what was even better than 100% employee participation was the fact that our employees were bringing more of their Spouses, Children, and Grandparents to these classes, and some of my employees went through the class 2 or 3 times. For weeks we heard from employees about how great this training was and how in the beginning they thought it was another boring training about CPR. However, once they were into it, and the trainers really engaged in real-life situations and how to handle them they really learned a lot. Don’t take my word for this training here is an email I received from an employee 2 weeks after our class:

“Wanted to let you know that the first aid kit and training you gave me worked, and saved me a trip to the ER. I was insulating some duct work in my basement last week, when I got a wood splinter in my eye. My usual trick of wiping with my sleeve until it comes out didn't work, so I then tried rinsing my eye with cold water and that didn't work either.
Then I remembered that sweet first aid kit. My wife ran and got it and opened the 8oz bottle of goodness that eventually freed a 1/8" wood splinter from my eye. From the training course I remembered that you always rinse away from your good eye, so I had to reposition myself as to not move the problem from one eye to another. After removing the piece, my eye felt as good as before. I went and got some safety glasses to finish the project (since now I was out of eyewash solution).
Thanks for the kit and the training. It truly helped.”

Shield Safety gave my team a new skill set around safety they didn’t have before. Their blended approach of hands-on and practical application left a lasting impression on my employees. I would recommend this service to anyone looking to have a world-class safety culture. If you need any further information or have any additional questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.”

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