Cool Blaze to Soothe Burns

Every year approximately 486,000 people receive medical treatment for a burn, and this does not include the many more who go without treatment or self-treat at home. Minor burns often don’t require medical intervention, but in order to minimize discomfort and speed up healing, you need the right products readily available. Cool Blaze Burn Gel is a product designed for minor burns, and it provides instant relief, optimizes healing, and helps to prevent scarring. 

More than twice as many men than women will suffer from a burn in a given year. The majority of burns are caused by direct contact with a fire or flame (43 percent), although 34 percent of burns are caused by scalding. A much smaller percentage of burns are caused by electricity or chemicals. Most burns (73 percent) occur in the home, with only 8 percent occurring in the workplace. 

A burn occurs when there’s damage to the skin caused by anything including fire, hot liquids, and even the sun (in some instances, sunburns are severe enough to require medical attention, but are usually treatable at home). The severity of a burn depends on the size and depth of the injury. In most cases, it’s easy to tell how severe a burn is simply by looking at it. If you have a sunburn or a scald burn, there’s a good chance you can treat it at home.

Forget the Cocoa Butter and Get Cool Blaze

For years, home remedies for burns prioritized cocoa butter (which can help, but isn’t nearly as effective as today’s options). What you really need is a specialized gel designed specifically for treating minor burns and sunburns. Cool Blaze immediately reduces pain by removing the heat from the skin. At the same time, this reduces the amount of burn damage. Cool Blaze also provides much-needed moisture to the skin, which can minimize or even eliminate peeling.

Cool Blaze ingredients include special nutrients to rejuvenate the skin as well as a disinfectant to help keep any risk of infection at bay. Available in convenient two-ounce bottles, Cool Blaze is non-toxic and non-adherent for maximum comfort. It fits easily into nearly any bag. Keep Cool Blaze in your home, car, and take it with you wherever you go.

Best Practices for Treating Burns

If you’re unsure whether or not to seek medical attention for a burn, it’s always best to be extra-cautious. However, if you know the burn is mild enough to be treated at home, make sure you have the best possible products available. Burns can be irritating, and without proper products they can become itchy and lead to scratching—and permanent scarring. Cool Blaze was created to soothe and protect so that you can heal quickly and avoid unnecessary lingering scars.

Keep in mind that while sunburns are painful, they are also the leading cause of skin cancer. Mistakes happen, and when a sunburn occurs, you always have Cool Blaze. It’s best to prevent sunburns, to begin with by always wearing sunscreen when you go outside or are exposed to UV rays. Shop Cool Blaze and sunscreens now at Shield-Safety.

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