Continuing Covid Care

Continuing Covid Care

Like you, we were hoping to be done talking about Covid concerns at this point in time. But with variants and concerns still out there, it’s something we’ll likely need to be aware of for a very long time. To navigate Covid realistically, you need to be proactive, have effective products and options, and be mindful of safety practices. We already are familiar with many of the procedures for handling Covid safely on our own, but with winter arriving, a refresher is probably a good idea.

Face coverings

The best defense from Covid-19, and other air-borne viruses/diseases is a proper face mask. N95 masks are still considered the best option for preventing contraction of covid, and you can find them at Shield-Safety. Surgical masks are also great options for daily use, and so are face shields when paired with a mask of any kind. If you opt for reusable, cloth masks make sure they are multi layered and you keep on top of daily washings. If you need a mask all day and want to stick with cloth, bring a few with you and switch them out every few hours, then wash them all when you get home. It’s important not to touch your masks and reuse them throughout the day because covid particles can sit on mask surfaces for hours.


Last year at this time, sanitizing wipes, sprays, and gels were hard to find. This year, they’re more easily accessible but just as important to get. Wipes are great to have in the home to help prevent Covid and other sicknesses that are prevalent in the winter in Utah. It’s a good idea to routinely wipe down doorknobs, light switches, railings, cabinet pulls, and any other areas in your home that gets constant touching. You may also want to keep a sanitizer spray in common areas of your home and give it a spray down from time to time.

Sanitization should also be done on the go. Get hand sanitizers and sanitizing gels for after visiting public spaces, keeping them in convenient spaces in the car or a purse. Hand sanitizers are found at our store, and you can get sprays or wipes from us as well.

Check Temperatures

A common sign of Covid, and other illnesses, is a fever. There are a lot of thermometers on the market, but they’re no good if they’re not accurate and reliable. Opting for a quality no-contact infrared thermometer is a good solution for the home or for a business that requires temperature checks on employees or clients.

This winter with family gatherings and fun events, monitor your health and be aware of your surroundings. Stay home if you’re feeling sick and take whatever precautions you can to maintain your safety. Here at Shield-Safety, your well being is our top priority. Come in today to see a wide variety of products to keep you and your family safe. We also offer training and specialized first-aid kits for any need. Don’t put your safety in anyone’s hands; visit Shield-Safety today.

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