I can hear perfect!

I can hear perfect! Thanks to Rich’s MSM Water Drops.

My mommy holds me and whispers to me that she loves me. I love to hear that, before she used the drops I could not hear. I hated it when she put the drops in my ears but now I am happy. My nana told her to use it a bunch of times every day!

As my hearing improved, I would remind mommy to put the drops in my ears when she forgot. I then learned to do it myself. Continue reading “I can hear perfect!” »

Kevin Cottle, MSN, APRN, FNP-C

My name is Kevin Cottle. I am a Family Nurse practitioner. I have been working in the medical field for 15 years. I have been an RN on one of the highest volume Med/Surg units in the intermountain west, University of Utah Hospital 6 South. I am currently employed in a very high volume private practice clinic for the last 5 years, Copperview Medical Center. Continue reading “Kevin Cottle, MSN, APRN, FNP-C” »

Jason Adamson

My father (61) who has suffered from chronic knee problems for many years recently had his left knee scoped. A few days after the procedure, my father lost his footing exiting his vehicle and severely aggravated an already swollen and painful knee.

The swelling was extreme. His doctors advised him that no damage was done and to continue icing the knee. He has iced his knee with an ice circulating machine for the last 10 days (several hours each day) with very little improvement. Continue reading “Jason Adamson” »

Kevin Thomas

My name is Kevin Thomas, I am the supervisor of the University of Utah Electrical Department.

Recently, we received a demonstration of new first aid products and training of how to use them and existing products we already had. The training was done by Shield‐ Safety. After seeing this demonstration I was impressed with the product and the training they offered. I decided to invest in their product and training because I thought it would be valuable to my men and the University. Continue reading “Kevin Thomas” »

James Staples

I just wanted to tell to thanks for the training presentation you gave to the Plumbing shop on Thursday. It was very informative. I have had all the guys come and tell me how good the training was.

So thank you again.

Colby Briggs

On December 24, 2009 I tore my ACL and meniscus while playing basketball.  Luckily, Gavin with Shield-Safety was there and immediately wrapped my knee with a Wrap-It-Cool bandage.  To my amazement, not only did it help with support and pain, but I experienced zero swelling in my knee while using the product.  It is definitely the best product I have come across for quickly addressing joint-related injuries.

Robert Kimmel

We are so grateful to have Shield Safety helping us in our store. We are especially grateful for the first aid training. This has helped us better control incidences among our workers. One of our favorite products is the Wound Seal. This has been a lifesaver when it comes to scratches and cuts among our employees. The products provided are superb. We are grateful to have Shield Safety as part of our team here at the West Jordan DI.

Karen Ponsonby

My husband had purchased some Burn Gel at last year’s show. A couple of months ago I was making some turkey soup from scratch. I had boiled the carcass in a large soup pot and was starting to strain the broth and transfer it to another pot to make the soup. I usually allow the broth to cool so that if some of it spills during the transfer no one will be burned. I thought I had allowed the liquid to cool long enough before attempting the transfer but I hadn’t. There was some spillage and it went all over my hand. It wasn’t really hurting as I quickly washed the broth off my hand in some cold water and finished the transfer; however a few minutes later I realized that I had indeed been burned as my hand had turned bright red and the degree of pain had intensified to that of a bad sunburn. Continue reading “Karen Ponsonby” »

Jerry Bishop

I want to thank you for the excellent training you provided on Friday.  I had one attendee say it was the premiere safety training we have had.

Maggie Kruse

“We recently hosted a safety training called: First Aid for the Home: bringing safety into your home, put on by Shield Safety. You should know that we hosted this training on two different days, and we allowed our employees to bring their families to this training if they wanted. As most voluntary trainings go the attendance sign up sheet was pretty light on the first day, and our employees were pretty skeptical about the class. However, half way through the first day sessions our class sizes started to grow, and employees were calling their family members at home to get them to come to a later session. By the second training session the classes were full, and we had almost 100% of all employees attend one of these voluntary classes. Continue reading “Maggie Kruse” »