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How to stop bleeding from a severe cut or wound

WoundSeal Vial
WoundSeal Stop Bleeding Instantly

The definition of a “severe” cut can vary for non-medical professionals, and it can be difficult to gauge just how deep or severe a cut is when it’s actively bleeding. If you’re concerned that a wound is life-threatening, it’s important to call 911 or go to an emergency room immediately. Generally, a wound is truly considered severe if the bleeding cannot be stopped after applying steady pressure for 10 minutes. However, while you’re waiting for medical care or if you don’t think a wound is quite severe enough for immediate medical attention, there are a few things you can do to slow down and even stop the bleeding. 

The most immediate way to slow down bleeding is to apply firm and steady pressure with a clean piece of cloth. This will give you time to get your WoundSeal items that will instantly stop bleeding for even the more serious cuts. It’s a good idea to keep WoundSeal kits and clean cloths readily available in your home, work, and all vehicles. However, if you notice that the blood has started to soak through the cloth before getting your WoundSeal kit, don’t remove it. Instead, put more cloth or gauze on top and keep applying pressure. If the injured area is on the arm or leg, raising the limb can help slow down blood loss. In most cases, a tourniquet isn’t necessary. It’s also important to keep in mind that tourniquets can easily be wrongly applied. Only consider a tourniquet if the bleeding does not slow down, and also seek immediate medical attention.

What about when bleeding stops?

As soon as the bleeding has stopped, it’s time to clean the wound. This can be done simply with warm water and soap. Make sure all soap is removed from the wound to avoid irritation. Do not use iodine or hydrogen peroxide, as they can cause tissue damage. At this point, you can either apply WoundSeal or a sterile bandage. The WoundSeal home application pack can be a supplement to any first aid kit and comes with a tool to remove foreign objects, WoundSeal with two applicators and powders, a Wrap It Cool, and special treatments for burns.

If you decide to not see a doctor immediately, keep an eye on the healing process. If you notice that the wound is particularly deep and has an opening one day after the injury, see a doctor. You might also have trouble getting out dirt and debris. If you notice signs of infection like tenderness, discharge, redness, or a fever, see a doctor immediately. Any feeling of numbness or red streaks near the wound are red flags that something’s wrong.

It’s generally better to be safe than sorry, but these are unprecedented times and it’s understandable to want to avoid unnecessary trips to the doctor (and especially the ER) during a pandemic. Be prepared for emergencies with WoundSeal, capable of stopping bleeding in an instant.

Save Yourself a Trip to the Emergency Room!

For many years, people have just applied pressure and used gauze or a trauma dressing or even clothing to try and stop or slow down bleeding. Many people have also used superglue or Cayenne to stop bleeding and close a wound.

The negatives of using those products are that they are toxic, do not disinfect, and are not FDA approved for first aid procedures. They can also seal in an infection.

Now there is a new product called WoundSeal that is taking the world by storm to stop bleeding. It is the most effective product in stopping bleeding. It’s a hydrophilic polymer with potassium ferrate that when applied with pressure stops bleeding and disinfects bleeding. There needs to blood present for it to work. It reacts with the blood to stop the bleeding. The more blood the better.

How to Use WoundSeal

woundsealPour enough powder to cover the wound and then apply the pressure until it stops bleeding. It creates a scab that is waterproof after 3 hours! The WoundSeal is non-toxic and can be used on children and animals. It’s hypoallergenic and there have never been any reported allergic reactions. It is clinically proven to heal 70% more effective than stitches, sutures, or staples.

It allows the body to heal properly from the inside out closing up the wound and minimize scar tissue. Whereas stitches and other methods force the closure of the wound from the outside in.

It is proven to stop bleeding for those who are hemophiliacs or on blood thinners. They usually have a hard time clotting by themselves and therefore they usually visit the E.R. It can also be used to stop bad nose bleeds, cuts around the eyes, etc. For companies, it’s considered an exempt class 1 device by the FDA which means it’s a non-recordable injury with OSHA therefore it’s a non-workers compensation claim.

This product can save families and businesses thousands. Many companies have eliminated numerous claims because of this product. It has saved my family from 3 trips to the E.R. from bleeding head wounds

wound seal progression example

and one from a very serious nose bleed! We even used it for a tooth he lost while eating and we couldn’t stop the bleeding until we applied the WoundSeal.

I will forever use WoundSeal.