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Treat Strains, Sprains, and More with Wrap-It-Cool

Wrap-It-Cool, 2 Meter Wrap For Sprains and Strains

Strains and sprains are the most common workplace injury, making up a whopping 43 percent of all injuries on an annual basis. Every year, there are about 1.3 million injuries and illnesses reported in the private sector that are severe enough to require home recuperation past the day of the injury. Following sprains and strains, bruises are the second most common workplace injury and inflammation can occur along with any of these injuries. Helping your body to heal so you can get back to work and your other activities is essential—and a lot faster with Wrap-It-Cool.

A sprain occurs when a ligament (the connective tissue between bones) is overstretched or torn. Ligaments are made of fibrous tissue, and they aren’t designed to be stretched too far. Strains are over-stretching or tearing that occurs in the muscles. It’s easy for anyone to confuse strains or sprains, especially when both can happen at the same time. A bruise occurs when little veins and capillaries below the skin’s surface break due to trauma. When red blood cells gather right below the skin, they can look red, blue, purple, or even black. 

Inflammation is what happens when the body is responding to an injury or infection. It’s an important part of our immune system, and it’s our body’s signal to start the healing and repair process. Inflammation also helps our body stay safe from “invaders” like bacteria and viruses.

Sprains Get Better Faster

You’ve probably heard that the best way to heal from these injuries is with RICE: rest, ice, compression, and elevation. But what if you had super RICE? That’s what you get with the Wrap-It-Cool and recharge bottle. It’s a two-meter wrap that has been shown to be more effective than ice and can speed up the healing of sprains, strains, bruises, and inflammation. The recharge bottle recharges the wrap 4 – 8 times. Simply pour Liquid Recharge into the Wrap-It-Cool bar and enjoy a fully re-saturated wrap. 

The fabric is breathable and stretchy, and the liquid is designed to minimize pain and inflammation as well as bruising and stretching. Menthol helps with pain relief, Ethyl alcohol helps to minimize heat via evaporation, and Arnica and Calendula oil are established anti-inflammatory properties. Arnica also helps minimize bruising. 

One hour wearing the wrap is the same as six hours of using ice for cooling. The Wrap-It-Cool also compresses the injured area to further speed up healing. You can maximize your recovery by taking it easy on the injured area (rest) and keep the injured area lifted (elevation). With Wrap-It-Cool, you can enjoy a speedier recovery and continue more of your daily activities in the process if necessary. Get instant relief with Wrap-It-Cool, and know that as soon as it dries out, you can “recharge” it again.

These injuries aren’t just common at work. Runners, yogis, hikers, and others who are active are prone to small traumas. When injuries happen, it’s important to act fast. Learn more about Wrap-It-Cool and other products at Shield-Safety today.

More Effective Treatment for Sprains and Strains

This is one of the newest first aid technologies in the last 5 years. It’s a very unique product designed for sprains, strains, fractures, joint pain, inflammation, and swelling.

When a sprain occurs there’s usually swelling, inflammation, pain, and bruising. A sprained ankle means one or more ligaments were stretched or torn. If a sprain is not treated properly, you could have long-term problems. Usually, this occurs when it does not heal properly which happens quite often. If it’s a severe sprain, you might have felt a “pop” when the injury happened.

In fact, sprains will occur more frequently until surgery is required. Using a brace and/or crutches will not help the ligaments to heal properly. Typically, the ankle is rolled either inward (inversion sprain) or outward (eversion sprain). If it’s a severe sprain, you might have felt a “pop” when the injury happened.

In order to minimize pain, swelling, and inflammation, the injury needs to be cooled and compressed for a minimum of 48 hours. We are familiar with the first aid procedure called R.I.C.E. which has been around for many years.

There are a few downsides to this method.

  1. Ice is too cold directly on the skin and it’s very difficult to apply ice and compression for 48 hours consecutively
  2. Ice does not help to break down bruising and usually there still swelling and inflammation with using ice.
  3. Ice immobilizes the individual where no work or activities can be performed. These types of injuries also cause 40% of all lost work time and cause companies thousands. It takes weeks to heal too.

So this where the Wrap It Cool comes into play.

How Does Wrap It Cool Work?

wrap-it-coolThe wrap is 2 meters long. It can be cut to size and then resealed to reuse. You can also purchase a bottle of Recharge to resoak and reuse the wrap another 4 plus times. The wrap is soaked in a liquid of 4 ingredients: menthol, ethyl alcohol, calendula, and arnica.

Menthol which is the main product in other creams like Bengay, Icy HOT, or Biofreeze but what they’re not telling you is that it’s just a placebo; it does not cool but only gives the sensation of cooling and is NOT an anti-inflammatory. But menthol does open up the pores to allow the other products to penetrate quicker.

Now ice can be a shock to the system and you can usually only handle about 15 mins of direct ice and the body actually cools itself through evaporation. So the wrap actually uses ethyl alcohol to evaporate heat. It’s easier and more effective than ice.

One hour of wearing the wrap equals more than 6 hours of cooling!

Calendula and arnica are natural products that are anti-inflammatories and arnica is the only product known to break down bruising. This is the only product that removes heat, inflammation, swelling, pain, and bruising. It is also great for just joint pain or carpal tunnel.

Walking on the sprain can actually help minimize the scar tissue. “Old school” first aid states to stay off it. That is not necessarily true. It will take longer to heal. Too much use of the ankle can increase swelling so be wise.

For proper wrapping of the ankle to heal the ligaments properly, make sure to attend one of our Injury Treatment courses. You won’t get this training and information anywhere else!