Large All Purpose Burn Kit in Plastic Case



Suited for industrial settings with the potential of larger burns while still handling your more minor burn needs.
This Burn Kit offers different combinations of Burn Dressings and burn gel for large or minor burns. Cool Blaze Burn Gel alleviates burn irritations, cools, and minimizes further peeling/damage to a burnt area.

Works on:

Sun Burns, Fire Burns, Friction Burns, Rope Burns, Hair iron/Curler burns


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Items included:

  • 3- 2×6 Dressing
  • 3- 4×4 Dressing
  • 2- 8×8 Dressing
  • 1- 4 oz. Bottle
  • 2- 6pk 1/8oz Packets
  • 3- Gauze Roll
  • Empty kit container

Additional information

Weight 4.53592 lbs