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The Importance of 72-hour Kits

The Importance of 72-hour Kits Remember the 5.7 magnitude Magna earthquake last year right during the pandemic peak? Many of us were awoken at 7am on March 18 with shaking, rumbling, and some damage to our belongings. With covid concerns, too, the timing could not have been worse. Luckily, damage throughout the Salt Lake vall

Safety in the Workplace for Different Personalities

Safety in the Workplace for Different Personalities Workplace safety can mean something different to each employee. Requirements for some may be overkill for others. But the fact remains: you as the employer need to ensure your employees are safe while on the job. Varying opinions, ideas, and personalities can make for tricky conversations about

Your Employees Need and Deserve Safety Training

A safe workspace starts with proper employee training. This is not an area to gloss over at staff meetings. Safety needs to be taken seriously for the well-being of your employees and to be OSHA compliant. In fact, one of OSHA’s first sentences in their workplace safety training handbook says

General Contractors and Safety on the Construction Site

Construction-Safety-Training The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that every year there are nearly 1,000 fatal occupational injuries on construction sites—that doesn’t include the many non-deadly incidents. It is absolutely critical for general contractors to ensure the optimal safety of their crew, and Shield-Safety

Employee Safety in Manufacturing Facilities

Manufacturing Facility Employee Safety Training and OSHA The manufacturing industry is an inherently dangerous one, but there are things you can do to mitigate risk and optimize safety. From metal cutting to heavy lifting, soldering, raw material assembling, and welding, there are countless opportunities for workers to get hurt on the job. On average, wo