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New Year, New Skills

New Year, New Skills This time of year is filled with motivation for progress and improvement. Training in important life-saving measures is a great addition to you 2022 goal setting session for your business. If safety and injury training has been on your to-do list, don’t wait any longer to check it off. Shield-

4 Tips for Safety in the Backcountry

4 Tips for Safety in the Backcountry Winter sports are popular in Utah—after all, we do have the greatest snow on Earth (once it finally arrives). When our beautiful mountains show off their incredible blankets of white, powdery snow, it’s hard for anyone to resist going up there to explore. Whether you ski, snowboard, snowshoe

Continuing Covid Care

Continuing Covid Care Like you, we were hoping to be done talking about Covid concerns at this point in time. But with variants and concerns still out there, it’s something we’ll likely need to be aware of for a very long time. To navigate Covid realistically, you need to be proactive, have effective products and

Winter Safety Concerns – Part 2

Winter Safety Concerns Hopefully you read our previous blog about winter safety tips. This blog continues the discussion on enjoying the holidays to the fullest. Here are some more recommendations for being prepared for anything this winter in Utah: Sledding, Skiing, Snowboarding These activities are amazing in Utah

Winter Safety Concerns – Part 1

Winter Safety Concerns As the cold weather approaches, there are some risks we all need to be aware of. To enjoy the holidays to the fullest, we need to be a little extra mindful about a few things. Be prepared for the winter season with the following recommendations: Safe Driving Driving on slick roads is hazardous