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Safety at Home

Safety at Home Our goal is to provide people with the confidence to respond to injuries effectively in the workplace and at home. Through our training programs and our wide range of products, our clients and customers walk away with valuable knowledge to get through emergency situations. Our workplace training

Safe Work Environments

Safe Work Environments Create a safe work environment by providing your employees with important knowledge of safe practices and safe responses. Sometimes a person’s intervention is not the best choice in an emergency. Training your employees how to respond is critical, but when to respond is just as important. Your

Workplace Disasters Throughout US History – Part 2

Workplace Disasters Throughout US History – Part 2 If you thought our previous blog was interesting, keep on reading. Here are some more workplace disaster stories that have occurred throughout the US: Scofield, Utah Mine Disaster This story is likely one you’ve already heard before since it happened here in our backyard. The first day of Ma

Workplace Disasters Throughout US History – Part 1

Workplace Disasters Throughout US History – Part 1 Feeling safe on the job is critical, and it’s an employer’s responsibility to ensure their employees are up to date on applicable trainings for their position and duties. Today, safety is generally taken seriously in the country and most businesses do a great job to keep their staff safe. If

4 Ways MSM Can Help You

4 Ways MSM Can Help You Many Americans suffer from consistent ailments throughout their lifetime. Methylsulfonylmethane (MSM) is a chemical found naturally throughout the planet that can be used for a number of troublesome issues. Organosulfur compounds are found in the foods we eat, but it’s rarely enough to give us