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Save Yourself a Trip to the Emergency Room!

Save Yourself a Trip to the Emergency Room![embed]https://youtu.be/f0918xDQY2M[/embed] For many years, people have just applied pressure and used gauze or a trauma dressing or even clothing to try and stop or slow down bleeding. Many people have also used superglue or Cayenne to stop bleeding and close a wound. The negatives of using those

Injury Treatment Training

Injury Treatment Training in UtahWant to learn how to minimize the downtime and eliminate worker’s compensation claims due to injuries? We have created the most up-to-date first aid training called the Injury Treatment Course. Injury Treatment Class is Unique This class is unlike any other first aid course. Other first aid classe

Cold Fire Extinguisher

Fire Extinguisher Use Training in UtahThe one and only non-toxic fire extinguisher that extinguishes more effective than a typical ABC powder extinguisher. These extinguishers are toxic, corrosive and destructive. They have to be checked and recharged yearly which incurs a cost. Grease fires are the #1 cause of house fires and yet you