Community & Home First Aid Training

At Shield Safety, our modern, specially-designed home and community training courses give you the confidence to keep calm and respond quickly and appropriately in any scenario. Our mission is to minimize serious injuries and fatalities by teaching safe strategies for prevention and intervention.

Community & Home First Aid Training

Community & Home First Aid Training

Comprehensive first aid knowledge could help you administer treatment to yourself, a friend, family member or stranger when an accident occurs. Shield Safety teaches you how to handle serious burns, bone fractures, bleeding, choking, seizures and many other scenarios.

CPR Training

CPR training is helpful for everyone, but particularly adults or teenagers who work with small children, such as teachers or babysitters. By utilizing video and practice scenarios, we ensure every person who graduates with a CPR certification is fully able to administer lifesaving treatment needed in a hazardous situation.

Why Trust Shield Safety?

With over four decades of industry experience, we know how to clearly communicate the preventative and life-saving lessons you, your family and your community can use to reduce the risk of injury and death in countless situations. You will feel confident in your ability to improve the safety of those around you, at home, at school and at work.

Shield Safety’s fun, informative and effective classes make learning about first aid and CPR an interesting experience for the entire family. We teach classes at schools, churches, community centers and we allow children ages eight and older to attend. Call us today to learn more about our class offerings and pricing information.