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“Shield-Safety gave my team a new skill set around safety they didn’t have before. Their blended approach of hands on and practical application left a lasting impression on my employees. I would recommend this service to anyone looking to have a world class safety culture.

-Maggie Kruse, HRM - The Dannon Company

The Problem

  • 70% of all injuries occur OFF the job
  • Less than 2% of homes have adequate first–aid supplies
  • 25% of all Emergency Room visits are unnecessary
  • First Aid in the home is out of sight & out of mind
  • Lack of First Aid product & knowledge causes E.R. overuse

Off-the-job injuries cost you just as much as work-related injuries

  • Higher Workers Compensation Rates
  • Higher Health Insurance Rates
  • Loss of productivity due to absenteeism
  • Negative Employee Moral

The Solution

  • Shield-Safety’s Injury Treatment Training™
  • Learn first–aid with our fun hands-on approach
  • Covers all of the most common injuries
  • Improve attendance by teaching your employees to think safely off–the–job
  • Give them the tools and confidence to quickly and effectively treat injuries at home
  • Excellent use of FSA’s or Cafeteria Plan Insurances
  • Knowledge Increases Positive Employee Moral

Our Injury Care Presentation™
promotes “Safety at Home” and provides
the tools needed to support it.

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